The Most Engaging Sports Prediction Game

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Maximize Viewer Retention

Create competition and lasting interaction

Enhance Fan Experience

Get your fans even more excited about the major events of 2023

Boost Sponsor Relations

Involve your sponsors and jointly define attractive prizes for the winners

The world’s most engaging sports prediction game

for content and news publishers.

Easy Integration

No additional space needed

Our Pick’em opens in a separate iFrame via CTA button

Attractive Sponsoring Opportunities

Define attractive prizes for the winners together with your sponsors

Comprehensive support

Save time and money – no developer resources required.

Engage your audience and

collect leads

The FIFA World Cup Pick'em game from vAudience is one of the core activities in our digital publications around the topic of "reader retention" on the one hand and efficient lead generation for our other marketing activities on the other. Huge impact, little effort and all that while having full cost control - this is how marketing activities are fun for our customers, too!
Johannes Heinen, Managing Director at Heinen-Verlag GmbH, "Kölnische Rundschau"
Johannes Heinen

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