The interactive tournament extension for Twitch

Spect8 is the leading Twitch overlay extension for esports tournaments. It synergistically combines viewer and broadcaster interests. Spect8 facilitates fan engagement by offering viewers on-demand information, interaction and competition and concurrently provides increased viewer retention. It creates a new revenue stream and enables you as the broadcaster to supervise your stream effectively.

Broadcaster Benefits

Stream Enhancement

Increase your broadcast quality through easily accessible tournament information. Dates, stats, results and more – all updated automatically.


Convenient setup and full support for every esports event, game or format on Twitch. 

Audience Retention

Give your viewers no reason to leave the broadcast. Utilize our user engagement tools and keep your audience connected.

Viewer Benefits


Every viewer can switch Spect8 on and off: It is only visible when wanted, and gone when the viewer’s full focus is on your content.


Spect8 enables your viewers to witness a team’s full journey from start to finish.


Your users remain entertained during downtimes by predicting match outcomes, competing to gain achievements, qualifying for prices and gaining visibility on the leaderboard.

Core Spect8 Features

Detailed Tournament Information

All tournament details in one place. Dates, participating teams & players, map pools and stream links to all supported languages. We handle data ingestion and input, minimizing the effort needed from you as the broadcaster.

Schedules, Stages & Brackets

Direct on-stream access to event schedules and live updated stages & brackets. No reason for your viewers to leave the stream to check for upcoming matches or past results.

User Engagement

Polls & Trivia
Viewers can participate in polls and trivia questions directly in the Spect8 extension. Give your audience additional communication prospects and topics of conversation during extended panel-sections

Engage your viewership with the prediction feature. If you wish, we can undertake the work for you based on a individually defined engagement plan.

A global leaderboard sparks the ambition of your viewers to participate in the prediction game, increasing the engagement to your stream.

Collecting points also rewards viewers with event specific badges. Different milestones reward different badges.

Custom Themes

Spect8 is individually customizable towards broadcasters, events and games, which allows for tournament specific skins and themes. Based on your unique requirements, we adjust design, color and branding to suit your event perfectly.


Spect8 combines viewer and broadcaster interests and offers your audience a fun way to engage with your stream. Extension features can be locked behind a (Bits) paywall on demand. Alternatively, sponsors can be motivated to pay for user engagement.


Since launch in August 2018, Spect8 has quickly become the standard tournament extension on Twitch. 
These tournaments and broadcasters are already using it:

Interested in the extension?

Spect8 is built to be fully customizable with your needs in mind. We tailor the extension to your CI and give you the choice to add or remove features from a constantly growing selection. Additionally, Spect8 provides you with skinned and live-updated embeds for your live-stream for pools, trivia, raffles and rankings. 

With our interests aligned in a long-term partnership, we will work with you on your custom feature ideas to give your broadcasts even more innovative and monetizable options that excite your viewers.