Create hyperlinks on your website automatically and

dynamically with the AI of smartlinks.

Manual linking

Hyperlinks have to be insertet manually. This takes a lot of time and you must not make mistakes.

Automatic linking

SMARTLINKS creates automatically hyperlinks on your website without any extra effort after the setup.

Static links

After creating a hyperlink, it’s fix. If you would like to change them, you would need to repeat the process.

Dynamic links

SMARTLINKS can change the destination of a hyperlink or create new ones dynamically depending on your customizeable set of rules.


All actions for hyperlinking on a website has to be done by humans. This costs time and money.


SMARTLINKS uses the power of artificial intellegence to create the best hyperlinks for your website.

Introducing SMARTLINKS


Building a knowledge-graph

Scanning and indexing the whole website

Scans text source

“Will Benzema become football player of the year?”

Selects best linkable reference

“Will Benzema become football player of the year?”

Inserts optimized link

“Will Benzema become football player of the year?”

Scanning, indexing, linking

The smartlinks system constantly scans and indexes all your content and all your selected targets, building a custom knowledge-graph for you. After setting up rules and priorities, the smartlinks AI will automatically link to the best results to increase traffic, retention time and performance. Links will be dynamically updated as soon as a better result is available, for e.g. always the newest article.

Boost your website's performance

Your Benefits

Automatic linking

After the setup links will be generated automatically without spending additional time for manual linking.

Saving time

Dynamic linking

Existing or new links will be updated dynamically to be always up-to-date without spending additional working hours.

Saving money


The AI can compare between all existing target links and will select the best possible target based on the configuration and rules we customize based on your wishes.

Best links

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