The most thrilling, interactive sports prediction game with added value for employee engagement and company loyalty


Employee loyalty

According to a Forsa survey in 2023, 40% of employees in Germany are considering changing their jobs.

Strengthening the bond

Retaining existing employees is more important than ever these days.

Remote work

The pandemic has encouraged working from home. This has opened some doors, but also closed others.

Location independence

Solutions and systems must be integrated so that they work from anywhere.

Additional services

8 out of 10 new hires emphasize that additional benefits are crucial in their job choices.

Additional incentive

Create incentives for your employees that go beyond financial benefits.

How it works


Employees submit their tips for all game days, answer exciting quiz questions and thus playfully compete against each other.

Earn points

Users check whether their tips were correct, collect valuable points and climb the leaderboard.


Exciting prizes, such as Amazon vouchers, motivate your employees and teams even more to play along and win.

Value for your company


Promoting team development through joint activities, fun and competition


Building a team culture in the company through entertaining and engaging content


Additional incentives boost employees' motivation and enjoyment at work and in the team


Exchange about personal interests in order to achieve synergy effects among employees OR Exchange about personal interests in order to achieve synergy effects among your employees


Strong sense of belonging through positive employee participation even outside of work


Building a long-term team culture and employee satisfaction that is passed on to the outside world

Time to get started

Use cases

Any time

Pickem integration black orange

The prediction game is not tied to the beginning of the season. It can be started at any time, even during the season.

Customized Theme

Pickem website customized theme

Our Pick’em will be customized according to your wishes
adapted to your CI

Increase the satisfaction of your employees

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