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vAudience builds software for audience engagement. That’s the essence of what we do – but it hardly tells the whole story.


Every German soccer fan probably still remembers the exact moment when Germany won the 2014 World Cup match against Brazil. Like many other sports games, the game had every fan on the edge of their seats, not able to believe their eyes. Sports are something extraordinary that connects people, making them cheer for their favorite team together. Our CEO, Toni Wagner, is also a passionate soccer fan, wildly cheering on Germany during that specific game. Unfortunately, he was on vacation at the time and couldn’t celebrate the win with other fans back home: 


“I was alone while watching Germany win since I was on vacation with my girlfriend. I was, of course, happy to be with her, but it wasn’t the same as being back home, watching the game with other fans.“


Knowing that this is a common problem for fans who are separated from other fans in the stadium, he decided to create an environment where fans never have to feel like they are watching alone again. The idea was to give fans the feeling of being a part of what they are watching, be it a live concert, match their favorite sport, or anything else. 


Originally, we created a social media platform where viewers could chat and interact with others while watching the same live event – physically separated, but digitally together. Now, the company vision has shifted its focus to  B2B. After years of preparation, we are currently offering our two main products Spect8 and Pick’em. 


In the future, our goal is to continue to provide companies with technology that helps them take their live streaming to the next level, and thus enhancing the experience viewers have. We want to make sure that no one ever has to feel alone again when watching live events. 

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