The power to understand social & streaming media

Djinn provides you with profound, valuable insight into the streaming and esports scene. Analyze your target audience extensively, evaluate potentially valuable sponsorships and get the edge over your competitors.

The power of DJINN

More than 3 Million Active Streamers on Twitch.

Over 1 Billion Public Chat Messages per Month.

Consumer Insight

Djinn evaluates over 1 billion public chat messages per month, procuring in-depth information on trends and hot topics relevant to our clients from over 80% of all Twitch channels.

Competitor Analysis

Get the lead over your competition by employing our performance comparison tools. We specifically evaluate your competitors and relevant communities, games and channels, allowing for targeted brand allocation.

Community Specific Analysis

Djinn enables you to understand the needs, preferences and behavior patterns of different esports communities, allowing you to efficiently target specific audiences or develop new markets.

Success Control

Our targeted chat message analysis reveals the impact of sponsorships, partnerships, streams and events on your enterprise through specific, timeframe-centered comparison and evaluation.

Chat Evaluation

We are able to identify channels with vivid conversation about your products and services, filtering out irrelevant automated chatbot messages.

Budget Allocation

Comprehensive data analysis allows you to forecast trends and allocate your budget most efficiently. Gain insight where people talk about your brand, distribute your marketing efforts economically and always be one step ahead.

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