Twitch Chat Data Report | May 2019


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Even though last month’s Twitch activity remains relatively constant for May when compared to April (with 1,498,293,086 vs 1,453,231,963 total logged chat messages), some surprises can be seen in the most active categories. The four most engaged Twitch categories seem to be set in stone; however during May, World of Warcraft made it into the Top10, which may seem as a surprise at first, however can be explained through the announcement and release of the WoW classic beta; more on that in our World of Warcraft Special at the end of this article.

Top Categories

With 197,948,017 total chat messages, Just Chatting remains the most busy Twitch category during May 2019. When compared to April, the total number of chat messages has even increased by a whopping 14 million. The most actively engaged game category Fortnite brings a total of 136,045,794 chat messages to the table, accounting for around 9% of all chat messages and showing a drop of around 9 million when compared to the previous month. League of Legends, the third category on the list, on the other hand made a leap of around 10% to a total of 109,042,298 sent chat messages on Twitch. For GTA IV, the total number of chat messages sent remains constant at the mid-85 million mark: 85,567,833. The May surprise, World of Warcraft, makes up for 33,041,840 chat messages this month. Even though this is just around a quarter of the chat messages i.e. Fortnite produced, it’s still a huge amount for World of Warcraft, which had not been a highly relevant Twitch game for months. Other honorable mentions and the number of total corresponding chat messages are PUBG (29,397,545), Overwatch (27,588,318), CS:GO (25,514,744), Dead by Daylight (22,229,248) and Dota 2 (21,978,732).
Top 10 Twitch Categories _ May 2019

Top Channels

Top 10 Twitch Channels _ May 2019
As in April, xQcOW’s channel makes up for the most chat messages being sent during May 2019. With a total of a whopping 297 hours streamed during May (reruns included) and an average viewer count of 13,790 a slight increase versus April, xQcOW is responsible for a total of 8,361,228 sent chat messages, this month mainly coming from his Just Chatting activities (2,831,118), closely followed by Overwatch (1,519,532) and Minecraft (521,488), Fortnite dropping in xQcOW’s activity to place four, only making up for 6.4% of his playtime in May. The sent chat messages mirror xQcOW’s Twitch streaming activity, which is divided into 25.6% Just Chatting activity, 21.7% Overwatch playtime and – next to Fortnite 5.4% Minecraft streaming – xQcOW’s other activities make up for only a minor portion. 1.0% of the total chat messages generated by xQcOW are mod-/bot-messages, which makes for a total of over 84,000.
xQcOW's Top Categories_May 2019

The second most active streamer of May 2019 is Forsen, beating Hangdongsuk in comparison to April. Forsen is responsible for a total of 4,234,862 chat messages, 0.8% of which by mods. His chat activity mainly comes from the Just Chatting (852,762 messages), Dark Souls (585,270) and Jump King (320,951) categories. This month he reached a total of 183 hours streamed with an average of 10,734 viewers, being active mainly in the Just Chatting (18.8%) and Dark Souls (13.5%) category.

Forsen's Top Categories_May 2019

Number three in the list of the most active streamers is handongsuk (한동숙), who generates a total of 3,657,001 chat messages in May, only 0,1% coming from mods. handongsuk mainly generates chat messages through his League of Legends streaming activity (1,427,908), followed by Just Chatting (818,800) and Football Manager 2019 (808,672). With an average of 14,243 viewers, handongsuk streams for 226 hours during May 2019.

Handongsuk's (한동숙) Top Categories_May 2019

Number four and number five on the top streamers list are partially responsible for the high World of Warcraft activity on Twitch during May 2019. Streamers mizkif and asmongold, who create 3,640,653 and 3,386,052 chat messages during May, show high World of Warcraft activity with 44.3% and 95.7% Twitch streaming time and 1,217,494 and 3,267,991 chat messages, respectively, coming from their World of Warcraft streaming activity. Asmongold, through his WoW activity, reaches the incredible amount of 39,294 average viewers over 170 hours streamed during May 2019.

Mizkif's Top Categories_May 2019
Asmongolds's Top Categories_May 2019

Most Active Days & Hours

The most active days for Twitch users during May 2019 were  – again – Saturdays and Sundays, with Fridays showing a tendency of climbing activity. With between around 42 and 53 million chat messages sent per day (May 5th setting the mark with 53,623,422 messages), a peak in the number can be seen starting on Fridays and extending over Saturdays and Sundays, which lead the list with a count hovering above 50 million chat messages in total every Saturday and Sunday. The most active hours for Twitch users seem to be 4pm to 4am (UTC), during which the average chat messages per hour climb over 2 million. As during April 2019, Twitch users don’t seem to mind losing sleep over their streaming activities.

Most Active Daily Hours _ May 2019

Fun Facts

During May, Google is a much more prominent keyword than Apple, with 401,185 vs 151,231 chat mentions. This might be related to the fact that you can’t ‘apple’ something you want to know though, irrespective of the function as a brand name.

Another interesting fact: Star Wars seems to be much more highly discussed by Twitch users than Star Trek, with 116,608 chat messages containing the keywords Star Wars vs 20,563 about Star Trek.

Apple vs. Google _ May 2019
Star Wars vs. Star Trek _ May 2019

World of Warcraft Special

Twitch chat analysis of May 2019 proves that vanilla WoW is not dead and has a huge fanbase on Twitch. The WoW classic beta release for selected players on May 15th, the official stress test from May 22nd to 23rd and the announcement of the actual release date of classic WoW (August 27th) during May has catapulted World of Warcraft to place #5 on the list of the top games of May 2019. Four famous streamers (asmongold, sodapoppin, mizkif and esfandtv) have reached over 1 million chat messages each on their Twitch channels by dedicating their time to streaming the World of Warcraft classic beta.

With a total of 33,041,840 chat messages on Twitch, World of Warcraft has not managed to become direct competition to top games like League of Legends or Fortnite, however the ongoing Twitch activity on World of Warcraft channels during May 2019 shows that the release of the classic beta will create a long lasting impact for the Twitch viewership. This can be seen in the example of one specific Twitch streamer: Asmongold, who dedicates nearly 100% of his streaming time to World of Warcraft during May, reaches the incredible amount of 39,294 average concurrent Twitch viewers during May. Before May 15th, the WoW classic beta release day, he averages 22,380 concurrent viewers, however from May 15th onwards, his viewership doubles to 46,004 average concurrent viewers, a number to be seen rarely on Twitch.

Top 10 World of Warcraft Channels _ May 2019