Twitch Chat Data Report | April 2019


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Despite the release of the new Game of Thrones season during mid April, the Twitch community has not stopped following their favorite games and streamers. Twitch users abide by their favorite streaming platform, which remains as busy as usual during April, even though winter (or is it summer?) was coming.

Top Categories

April turned out to be quite a busy month on Twitch. A total of 1,453,231,963 chat messages were sent throughout the month, with the main part of 183,903,468 messages coming from the ‘Just Chatting’-category, 10.8% of these being mod-/bot-messages. Fortnite, the close second after Just Chatting, still is the most actively participated channel in April, being the origin of around 10% of all chat messages (145,016,381) with a whopping 22.8% mod-messages. The League of Legends- and Grand Theft Auto V-categories were also actively participated in with 99,554,490 and 85,516,711 chat messages (11.6% and 10.7% by mods) being sent during April, respectively. The other relevant games like Apex Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, CS:GO, PUBG and Dead by Daylight have accounted for 22 to 28 million chat messages, with Hearthstone climbing up the ladder as the 6th most actively participated game category. More on that in our Hearthstone Special at the end of this article.

Top 10 Twitch Categories _ April 2019

Top Channels

Top 10 Twitch Channels _ April 2019

Streamer xQcOW’s channel accounted for the most chat messages being sent during April 2019. With a total of 230 hours streamed (reruns included) and an average viewer count of 13,454, xQcOW is responsible for a total of 6,595,345 sent chat messages, mainly coming from his Fortnite activities (2,207,500), closely followed by Overwatch (1,609,056) and Just Chatting (1,392,942). This mirrors xQcOW’s Twitch activity, which is divided into 30.6% Fortnite playtime, 24.6% Overwatch playtime and 17.5% Just Chatting – his other activities make up for only a minor portion. 1.3% of the total chat messages generated by xQcOW are mod-/bot-messages, which makes for a total of over 84,000.

xQcOW's Top Categories_April 2019

The second most active streamer of April 2019 is Handongsuk (한동숙), generating a total of 3,309,201 chat messages, 0.2% of which by mods. His activity mainly comes from League of Legends (1,761,937 messages), Just Chatting (610,089) and MLB the Show 19 (362,825), the other categories being relatively irrelevant. Handongsuk’s Twitch activity is mainly divided into 46,1% League of Legends playtime and 13,5% Just Chatting activity, with a total of 241 hours streamed and 10,701 average viewers.

Handongsuk's (한동숙) Top Categories_April 2019

An April’s surprise is streamer MOONMOON_OW, who generated a total of 3,234,247 chat messages (1.9% by mods), nearly 100% coming from his GTA V activity. With 205 hours streamed, he reached an average viewer count of 17,087, being the top streamer in this regard.

With an average viewer count of 10,354 and 167 hours streamed, Forsen takes the fourth place in the top channel ranking, being responsible for 3,046,621 total chat messages (1% mod messages), 593,688 coming from his Mortal Kombat 11 channel.

Forsen's Top Categories_April 2019

A competitor to Handonsuk can be seen in saddummy, who generated 979,216 chat messages during April 2019 on his League of Legends channel, with a total of 2,970,404 chat messages and a 0.3% mod message share. His other activities spread mainly over Just Chatting (798,056) and Days Gone (268,145), with an incredible total of 320 hours streamed and an average viewer count of 5,968.

Saddummy's Top Categories_April 2019

Other mentionable Top 10 streamers of April are yapyap30 (2,893,412 total chat messages), GAULES (2,701,897), hanryang1125 (2,494,978), PAJALOCKK (2,479,665) and CELLBIT (2,366,520).

Most Active Days & Hours

The most active days for Twitch users during April 2019 were Saturdays and Sundays. With between 42 and 54 million chat messages sent per day, a peak in the number can be seen starting on Fridays and extending over Saturdays and Sundays, which lead the list with a count hovering above 50 million chat messages in total, with the most active hours being 3pm to 5am (UTC). Twitch users seem to sacrifice a big part of their weekend (and their sleep) into their streaming activities after all.

Most Active Daily Hours _ April 2019

Fun Facts

Twitch users seem to love pizza. During April, 713,110 chat messages contained the word ‘pizza’, compared to 166,750 messages containing ‘bacon’ and 162,653 messages containing ‘burger’. Not as all-American as we anticipated. Xbox was definitely a hot topic during April, compared to PlayStation or Nintendo with 679,048 vs 75,839 and 168,735 mentions.

Pizza vs. Burger vs. Bacon _ April 2019
Xbox vs. Nintendo vs. PlayStation _ April 2019

Hearthstone Special

Hearthstone has reached the 6th place in the ranking as the most actively participated game channel during April – most likely because of the new expansion release ‘Rise of Shadows’ on April 9th and the 2019 World Championship, being held from April 25th to 28th. Nine Hearthstone streamers have generated >500,000 chat messages each, with three streamers hitting the one million mark. Silvername, the biggest Russian Hearthstone streamer, leads the list with 1,130,486 messages on his channel, closely followed by the 2x European champion thijs (1,118,055) and famous Korean streamer looksam (1,009,646). The official main Hearthstone channel playhearthstone lags behind on rank 8 with 716,199 chat messages.

Top 10 Hearthstone Channels _ April 2019