vAudience is a sparkly Microsoft BizSpark member

We’re super happy to be able to announce that microsoft accepted us into their BizSpark program.

Bizspark is a huge help for startups that need software tools to get started. Microsoft offers three years of software licences via MSDN for five people. That means office, dynamics, visual studio, windows and so many more great tools are available for early-phase startups. In addition, Microsoft adds a significant monthly Azure Cloud credit to allow tems to get started with a well-integrated, dynamic cloud-deployment infrastructure!

We will report in further articles here on the site about our tests to use Azure with kubernetes to deploy a netflix-sidecar-patterned microservice architecture built with nodeJS. We’re in the middle of setting up our infrastructure using Spring-Cloud to build the sidecar and data-storage layer. We will use typescript to create the business-logic nodeJS microservices for the backend. The frontend will also be written in typescript as we chose angularJS 2.0 to create our webapp.

Starting in March, we will offer alpha-access to a limited number of testers for cheerGG – the service that will deliver the best eSports streamer&fan community tool out there.