vAudience starts

Welcome to the vAudience website!

vAudience is a bunch of crazy people who joined together to develop BOBMOB, a super-awesome service for gamers & streamers.


Looking at the big picture, vAudience is a company built around the concept of fans and fandom. We are driven by the fact that most fans have to live their fandom on their couch, alone at home. Only a small portion is able to join the ranks in a stadium at a concert hall or at the live-set of a show. Our goal is to enable all these fans to celebrate together, enjoy events from home, but virtually joined together.

We have offices in Wuerzburg (Germany) and Berlin (also Germany).

vAudience has started official operations in June 2016 and counts more than 10 hard-working souls now (end of 2016). 

We are constantly looking for new brains and hands who are enthusiastic about (e)sports, fandom, and technology. 



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