Your Fans.
Targeted, Engaged and Monetized.


The only interactive tournament extension for Twitch

Custom extension themes

We create event or brand specific designs based on your corporate design.

Audience analytics reports

Detailed Twitch chat analysis before, during and after an event.

Interactive features

Predictions, rewards, leaderboards, achievements and more.

Take control over messages

Event specific, sponsor related and already established Matches commands.


The power to understand social & streaming media

Measure Sponsorship Impact

Examine the effects of your sponsorship, find out what people talk about and understand their preferences.

Identify Target Audiences

Know where people talk about you or your products and distribute your marketing efforts effectively on audiences already interested in your brand.


Analyse Competitors

What do people think about your brand as opposed to others? Learn where you stand in comparison to your competitors. Get a competitive advantage.

Trends / Budget Allocation

Through our profound data analysis you are able to forecast trends and allocate your budget accordingly.


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