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twitch extensions

vAudience is the leading company in building interactive web apps for Twitch. We introduce highly engaging and informative extensions to your audience.

data evaluation

Our data analysis tools allow us to create custom reports tailored to your needs. Encourage long-term user loyalty and allocate your budget efficiently through the use of our audience evaluation services.

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The interactive tournament extension for Twitch

Custom extension themes

Spect8 is individually customized for your event and brand, promoting your corporate design.

Audience analytics reports

Detailed Twitch chat analysis before, during and after an event provides you with deeper insight into your audience.

Interactive features

Predictions, rewards, leaderboards and achievements engage and consolidate your viewership.

Full chat control

Event specific, sponsor related and already established Spect8 commands enhance the communication experience of your viewers. 


The power to understand social & streaming media

Our analytics tools provide you with valuable insight into the streaming, gaming and esports scene and offers unique transparency. Address your target audience directly, evaluate sponsorships and get the edge over your competitors.

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