vAudience on TV

The local TV station sent over a crew last month to create a short piece about our company and the idea(s) behind it. They did an awesome job with their video and we’d like to thank their school in Ansbach and the team a lot! 

Mobile Media Day Founder Pitch Winners 2016

  Congratulations team vAUDiENCE, winners of the Mobile Media Day Founder Pitch 2016. Yesterday we had the chance to participate in the Mobile Media Day 2016 at Vogel Media Center Wuerzburg, Germany. Our CEO, Toni, pitched our first product, BOBMOB where we want to both unite and entertain eSports fans in virtual stadiums filled with customized BOBs (avatars) while they are watching their favourite video stream.

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eSports Crowd Impressions 2016

We wanted to give readers an impression of what fan-crowds are like at eSports events. So please, turn up the volume, relax and behold one minute pure enthusiasm, thrill and next-level engagement eSports fans bring to live events all around the globe.

BOBMOB is coming

We’re happy to be able to announce that we are close to releasing our first real product, BOBMOB.GG . BOBMOB will be about a real fan experience while watching eSports or other gaming streams. We will be launching BOBMOB in the coming weeks using a limited-access alpha period, where the app will be live and usable for the duration of special streaming events that we are currently preparing

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video-remix about the rise and state of eSports 2016

Below are 2 versions of a video-remix we (tnx cL!) created to illustrate the rise and state of eSports in 2016. This is meant to inmtroduce people who are not really into eSports yet, but want to learn more about the culture and market behind this hype.

EXIST Funded

Since June 1st, our team is happily funded under the (old) Project Name cheerGG by the Exist Gründerstipendium (details at EXIST ). We thank and proudly present all the Organizations that help us to get off to a good start: We would also like to thank the Cornelia Kolb and all the great staff at the SFT of our host University, the Julius-Maximilians-University of Wuerzburg . Special thanks also go

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vAudience is a sparkly Microsoft BizSpark member

We’re super happy to be able to announce that microsoft accepted us into their BizSpark program. Bizspark is a huge help for startups that need software tools to get started. Microsoft offers three years of software licences via MSDN for five people. That means office, dynamics, visual studio, windows and so many more great tools are available for early-phase startups. In addition, Microsoft adds a significant

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vAudience starts

Welcome to the vAudience website! vAudience is a bunch of crazy people who joined together to develop BOBMOB, a super-awesome service for gamers & streamers.   Looking at the big picture, vAudience is a company built around the concept of fans and fandom. We are driven by the fact that most fans have to live their fandom on their couch, alone at home. Only a small

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