what we do

We change the way fans experience live events at home.

Our products turn the passive solo viewing experience still common today into social, gamified, interactive and smartly engaging content  experiences.

who we are

We love competition.
We strive to win.
We excel at creating.

Our team is experienced tech magic at the core and enthusiastic user-engagement-agents working with our community.

our products


is the only premium tournament extension on Twitch.tv. It facilitates fan
engagement by giving viewers free in-depth access to detailed information and instant participation. 

our products


is our mobile 2nd-screen app for real fans which will be released in February 2019. SPECT8 enables fans to follow and create events, re-watch highlights and interact with friends or fellow fans. A stream of important live moments keeps users up to date allows them to react with event-specific emoticons, media and user-generated content.

our products


is a service which pushes Twitch commands to the next level by opening them up for targeted customer engagement and support. Automated and instant reactions to command mentions for 99% of Twitch Chat users all around the world.

our products


is our gaming & esports extension for the largest game-streaming service on the globe, twitch, with an active monthly viewership exceeding 300 million fans. BOB MOB offers a unique combination of gamification and interaction for gamers and esports fans watching other gamers win.

our partners


six awesome angels, EUROSTREAM, SEED AND SPEED

supported by

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (EXIST, INVEST), Freistaat Bayern, Stadt Würzburg (IGZ)


SKY, Würzburg BASKETS, iWELT AG, Universität Würzburg, FHWS, EPULZE, LIONSKY

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You are interested in working with us in any way?
We are happy to send you more detailed info or schedule a meeting. We love to join forces with twitch streamers, sports clubs, TV stations, investors, game developers, individuals and teams talented in code, design, sales or marketing.


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