OTT Solutions

SPECT8 OTT is a whitelabel solution framework for any video streaming purpose.


Works with any video player.

Ready for Web, IOS and Android. 

Select the features you want for your case.
Social engagement, live information, attention grabbing, interactive advertisement, merch sales, analytics, ...

TWITCH + Esports solutions

Spect8-Twitch provides live streams with on-demand
viewer interaction, infotainment and monetization options.

Whitelabel- and Game-Specific solutions are available.

SPECT8 Twitch

Easy setup on twitch.

Deep twitch and data-provider integration.

Adaptable to any game and event format.

Select the features you want for your case.
Live data and information, merch sales, analytics, raffles, prediction games, polls, and many more...

Second Screen Solutions

With SPECT8 mobile we offer a cross-plattform mobile app built for fans who watch content on a big screen while wanting to connect with event data and freinds watching in parallel.

SPECT8 Mobile

This solution is also available as a platform for integration of your content and as a whitelabel solution where we are happy to integrate into existing apps or build your specific content into our existing technology.

Multimedia chat, in-app purchases, live-statistics, smart associated content discovery, smart notifications, sponsor integration and much more is waiting for you!


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